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What is Christian Counseling?

By Deanna R. Rasnic, MA, LPC

Having been a Christian for over 20 years myself, I realize that my counseling and life is shaped by what I believe.  As stated in the “Our Beliefs” section, I will not push you to convert or believe what I do; however, I am aware that my faith influences the counsel that I offer.  Now, this does not mean that I will use the Bible to shame you or beat you down, nor does it mean that I will quote Scripture verses throughout the sessions.  In my experience, when people are suffering and going through a difficult time, their faith, or lack thereof, becomes relevant to them.  As a therapist, one of the things that I value is getting below the surface to the root of the problem.  Where is the anger, hurt, addiction, etc. coming from?  In my experience, the more we go through your history and delve toward the root problem, the more likely it is for matters of faith to come about.

When people are looking for Christian Counseling, I have found that it usually means they are looking for someone who will provide sound counsel in keeping with Biblical principles.   I think they are also looking for a counselor who won’t lead them astray into non-traditional forms of counseling techniques.   They also want to know that their counselor shares the same value system and understands what it means to have a personal relationship with Christ.

If you are not a Christian, you may be wondering “how can she really help me if we are not on the same page with matters of faith?”  My goal in counseling is to assist you in making the changes necessary to improve your life.  There is no way that I can personally experience everything that my clients have been through.  I work with all types of people from many different backgrounds.  If having a counselor who believes exactly as you do is important to you, then I suggest you continue to look for a therapist who is more in line with your belief system.  However, I would encourage you to meet with me and see if your concerns might be alleviated, as I work with people from a variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds.

If you have questions about Christian counseling, please
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